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Anniversaries, or, what we remember

FontFolly.Net: Anniversaries, or, what we remember

I mentioned earlier that Michael used to say that he considered NorWesCon our anniversary, because he was even worse about forgetting the date of our first date (which is one of the dates I tried to remember as an anniversary) than I am, and neither of us could ever remember the date of our commitment ceremony without digging out the paperwork for our domestic partnership registration.

To be…

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He’s my guy, and I love him

FontFolly.Net: He’s my guy, and I love him

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Michael posing with his Easter basket.

When I first met Michael, I was part of a small group hosting a room party at NorWesCon. He came into the room, gave me a big infectious smile, and said, “Hi! I’m Michael.” Even though more than half the people in our fannish project are introverts, he was a lot quieter than everyone else in the room, coming off as very shy. He had very recently moved to…

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If we sits…

If we sits…

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New couch is flat black, so not use to see, here.

We bought a new couch this weekend. Our old couch was a queen-sized inner spring futon mattress on a couch frame. Michael picked it out mid-2001 after putting off replacing the old hand-me-down couch Ray and I had owned for who knows how long. We went with the futon because some friends had recently purchased an inner-spring futon mattress for one…

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We skipped NorWesCon

FontFolly.Net: We skipped NorWesCon

Some of my bestest friends hanging out at the convention this year. I didn't take this picture, because I wasn't there.

Some of my bestest friends hanging out at the convention this year. I didn’t take this picture, because I wasn’t there.

So we didn’t go to the Northwest Science Fiction (NorWesCon) again this year. Quick background: I started attending the convention back in 1987, after being envious of friends who attended the previous few years, and I didn’t miss a single one for the next 25 years. Michael and I…

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"I don’t know how to love him!"

“I don’t know how to love him!”

Muppet Christ, Superstar is a parody depicting what it might sound like if the Muppets did a version of Jesus Christ, Superstar. Christo Graham sings all the parts. His Kermit is a bit of a stretch, but his Miss Piggy is pretty spot on.

I nearly died while listening to Miss Piggy Sining “I Don’t Know How to Love Him.”

The songs are available for download from Bandcamp. Or you can listen to them…

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Good Links for a Good Friday!

FontFolly.Net: Good Links for a Good Friday!

Wanna egg?

It’s nearly Easter! And it’s Friday once more. Here’s a collection of news and other things that struck me as worthy of being shared:

President Obama pulled a surprise move Monday at the White House’s Easter Prayer Breakfast when he selected Gene Robinson (the first openly gay Episcopal bishop) to lead the closing prayer.

How we found the giant squid. I know it’s over a year old, but…

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i swear almost every time i see posts that are like “why dont writers include X THING?? i want more stories with that thing!!” its like


you want to read discworld you just havent realised it yet

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