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Friday Links!

FontFolly.Net: Friday Links!


It’s Friday! And we’re getting ready to leave town to attend a wedding. So I’m running around a little crazed right now…

Here’s a collection of news and other things that struck me as worthy of being shared:

Beware a bro who knows what he ‘deserves’: the friendzone is only purgatory if women’s decisions are less valid.

Wingnut Nurse Sues Family Planning Center For Not Giving Her Job Just…

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Managing music

FontFolly.Net: Managing music

Kitten listening to ipod.

I just want to listen to what I want to listen to.

I have just shy of 80 gigabytes of music in my desktop’s iTunes library. I only have 54 gigabytes of music on my laptop’s iTunes library. Managing the two has become just a little bit exasperating, lately.

I’ve tried to keep it so that the music on the laptop is a subset of the music on the desktop. Since I can set my iTunes to automatically…

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I am the king of typos

FontFolly.Net: I am the king of typos

FB_quote_23-e1379605544254I make typos. A lot. It is amazing the number of people who believe there is a strong correlation between intelligence and typing accuracy. And that’s what we’re talking about, here, it often isn’t spelling that is at issue. There is no such connection.

Now, it’s not that I don’t think correct spelling is important, I do. No one gets more irritated at me that I get at myself when I make a typo,…

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Sunday Funnies, part 4

FontFolly.Net: Sunday Funnies, part 4

Copyright Sony Music Entertainment, Inc.Usually my Sunday Funnies post is all about web comics, but this week is going to branch out. Weird Al Yankovich has released a new album this week, Mandatory Fun. And to promote the album, he has made eight music videos of songs from the album, and is releasing one video a day for the first week the album is available.

As Weird Al himself has explained in several interviews this week, he first…

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Friday Links (with Weird Al)!

FontFolly.Net: Friday Links (with Weird Al)!

Yay! (

It’s Friday! Again. And this week I really, really, really am glad that the weekend’s here.

Here’s a collection of news and other things that struck me as worthy of being shared:

Red Lobster Comps Widow’s Check on Anniversary.

In case you needed more proof that the ex-gay movement is a fraud: Pastor Duane Youngblood, author of the book Freedom From Homosexuality: No…

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Coffee karma

I like to think that I’m not superstitious. I’m a science geek who majored in mathematics and has studied (both formally and on my own) physics, astronomy, relativity, logic, rhetorical theory, chemistry, biology, and a wide variety of related topics. Mr. Spock has long been one of my favorite characters in fiction. My real-life heroes have included famous skeptics such as Carl Sagan, Isaac…

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Not out to sea

FontFolly.Net: Not out to sea

The television version of the Doris Day Show was one of the most schizo programs ever.

The television version of the Doris Day Show was one of the most schizo programs ever.

One day in middle school, in one of the boys-only classes1 one of the guys was going on about some actress he really hot the hots for. Several of the other guys agreed. And then a general discussion of other actresses that guys thought were hot got rolling. I don’t remember any of the actresses in question. I…

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FontFolly.Net: Doppelgängers

Four lynxes

“Which one is who?”

A few years ago, we were on our way to shop for things we needed to cook dinner for a bunch of friends coming to an event at our place in the evening. Two of those friends, Jared and Sky, were driving down to town to attend a convention meeting that we weren’t going to. Not far from the store, I looked into my rearview mirror and saw Jared and Sky right behind us in Jared’s…

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Confessions of a white homo devil, part 3

FontFolly.Net: Confessions of a white homo devil, part 3

ScreenShot00So Time allowed a college student to write an op-ed piece they published this week called, “Dear White Gays: Stop Stealing Black Female Culture.” A lot of other people have written some great responses to it (I most particularly recommend Vice Magazine columnist Dave Schilling’s answer in his This Week in Racism column), but I want to focus on something that most of them have overlooked. Among…

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